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Fatty-acid metabolism disorder
ICD-10 E713
ICD-9 277.81-277.85
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DiseasesDB [2]
MedlinePlus [3]
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A fatty-acid metabolism disorder is a defect in one of the enzymes involved in fatty acid metabolism.

They are sometimes classified with the lipid metabolism disorders,[1] but in other contexts they are considered a distinct category.


The term fatty acid oxidation disorder (FAOD) is sometimes used, especially when there is an emphasis on the oxidation of the fatty acid.[2]

In addition to the fetal complications, they can also cause complications for the mother during pregnancy.[3]

Examples include:


The fatty acids are transported by carnitine, and defects in this process are associated with several disorders.[5] They involve the step immediately before oxidation, and are often grouped with the oxidation disorders.

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