FLO is a methodology of marital reconstruction and enhancement that was created by Elizabeth Mack in 2002.

FLO differs from marital and relationship therapies by focusing on the dynamics of marriage and family relationships with emphasis on understanding of the structure and function of marriage, the various aspects of the marital relationship, family systems, and the way in which the counselor may approach marriage and family counseling as a creative, preventative, and healing avenue.

Although the theoretical framework undergirding FLO is sound, the interventions are not simply theoretical. Given the more than 130 extant theories of counseling, it would be impossible for the FLO facilitators to determine “the best” theory to apply to each couple. However, because each couple has only one reality, and that reality is impacted by their behavior, FLO uses a pseudo-behavioral approach to relationship improvement. This approach develops and presents, through its focus on intimate, interactive didactic sessions and effective, results driven strategies to guide the couple into successful interactions, a healing, loving relationship.

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