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F65, pronounced eff-sixty-five or eff-six-five, is an occasionally used term to describe a person, who suffers from a paraphilia or disorder of sexual preference.

The expression derives from the International Classification of Diseases (ICD-10)of the WHO, wherein the mental and behavioural disorders (psychiatric conditions) are classified "F" and F65 refers to the disorders of sexual preference. The term is often used as a euphemism, and sometimes in a derogatory fashion.

The F65 stem is subclassified as follows:

  • F65.0 Fetishism
  • F65.1 Fetishistic transvestism
  • F65.2 Exhibitionism
  • F65.3 Voyeurism
  • F65.4 Paedophilia
  • F65.5 Sadomasochism
  • F65.6 Multiple disorders of sexual preference
  • F65.7 (not used)
  • F65.8 Other disorders of sexual preference
  • F65.9 Disorder of sexual preference, unspecified
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