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The European Federation of Psychologists' Associations (EFPA) is the federation of national psychology associations that are located in the European Economic Area. Currently, there are 32 member associations of EFPA, which together represent over 200,000 psychologists. EFPA is recognised by the Council of Europe of 42 European countries as an International Non Governmental Organisation.

EFPA and its member associations are concerned with promoting and improving psychology as a profession and as a discipline, particularly, though not exclusively, in applied settings and with emphasis on the training and research associated with such practice. The Federation has as one of its goals the integration of practice with research and the promotion of an integrated discipline of psychology. The official journal of EFPA is the European Psychologist.

EFPA was founded in Germany in 1981, when representatives of 12 national psychology associations signed the Statutes. The first General Assembly (G.A.) was held in Heidelberg in 1981. Since that time General Assemblies have been held every two years: 1982 Edinburgh, 1984 Vienna, 1986 Lausanne, 1988 Rome, 1990 Luxembourg, 1991 (Extraordinary G.A.) Budapest, 1992 Brussels, 1993 Tampere, 1995 Athens, 1997 Dublin, 1999 Rome, 2001 in London, 2003 in Vienna, 2005 in Granada. The EFPA General Assembly is now held in conjunction with the biennial European Congress of Psychology and will be held in Prague in 2007.

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