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Europe's Journal of Psychology (EJOP) is publishing original studies, research, critical contributions, interviews and book reviews written by and intended for both psychologists and psychology students worldwide.

EJOP is meant to facilitate communication between psychologists, both students and specialists, and to give them access to high-quality professional information, thus fostering the scientific psychological community in Europe and worldwide. Although primarily targeted at a European public, EJOP gladly hosts contributions from psychologists irrespective of their geographical location.

EJOP's main objectives are to expand, on the one hand, the publication space offered to scholars and graduate students and, on the other hand, to increase the number of psychology journals that take a more generalist and eclectic approach on psychology issues given the current tendency to produce rather highly specialized works.


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    *Submission details: Electronic submission is encouraged. Details at Material and comments to be send at  
    *Publication frequency: Four issues per year (February, May, August, November)
    *Language: The publication language is English.
    *Cost: EJOP is an open access journal.

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