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Ethical Principle: Commitment to the greater good

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Psychologists should:

  • Share and distribute their knowledge freely to the world.
    • They should ensure that, where possible,drafts of their publications are freely accessible to scholars, practitioners and users of our services.
    • They should ensure that they have the knowledge and skills to archive this work appropriately
    • Where possible they should produce versions of their work to make it accessible to society at large.
  • Work to develop a professional psychological view on issues of the day and to contribute to debate. As a science we have much to contribute to the worlds knowledge about the psychological variables in warfare, energy conservation, delivery of aid and health advice, the impact of hunger, discrimination and abuses of power to name but a few areas. It is a derogation of our duties if, as a profession we do not develop the vehicles to make this knowledge available to decision makers.

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