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Eprints is free, open source software for generating an "Open Access" (OA) "Institutional Repository" (IR) that is compliant with the "Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting" (OAI-PMH).

Eprints was created in 2000 as a direct outcome of the 1999 Santa Fe meeting that launched what eventually became the OAI-PMH. The Eprints software was enthusiastically received, became the first and still the most widely used free OA IR software, and has since inspired many emulations.

The OA/IR-creating software, Eprints, is not to be confused with the primary target contents of OA IRs, namely, "eprints" (or "e-prints"), which are preprints (before peer review) and postprints (after peer review), of research journal articles: "eprints" = preprints + postprints.


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