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The Environmental Design Research Association (EDRA) is an international, interdisciplinary organization founded in 1968 by design professionals, social scientists, students, educators, and facility managers. The purpose of edra is the advancement and dissemination of environmental design research, thereby improving understanding of the interrelationships between people, their built and natural surroundings, and helping to create environments responsive to human needs.

EDRA ConferencesEdit

EDRA holds an annuual conference. The 2006 Conference is May 3-7 in Atlanta, GA, USA. The 2007 Conference is May 30 - June 3 in Sacramento, CA, USA. EDRAs website is

Honors and AwardsEdit

  • EDRA/Places Award
  • EDRA Career Award
  • EDRA Achievement Award
  • EDRA Service Award
  • EDRA Student Awards

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