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Eötvös Loránd University Psychology Department's current homepageEdit

In English

Department contact detailsEdit

Mónika Kovács

Vice-dean for External Relations and Academic Affairs


Nóra Gaál

International coordinator


Tel: +36 (1) 461 4592

Fax: +36 (1) 461 4528

List of degrees awardedEdit

(with links to the curriculum for each)

Current notable staff and their homepagesEdit

Éva Bányai

Miklos Gyori

Zsuzsanna Kulcsar

Dora Perczel-Forintos

Notable alumniEdit

Miklos Fodor

Notable staff in the pastEdit

History of the departmentEdit

The Faculty embraces disciplines of long tradition: Pedagogy, the old discipline of Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE), and Pychology, which was first established her in our country, and undertakes the amalgamation of these two in the area of teacher training.

The historically significant reorganistion of the Hungarian higher education - Bologna Process - brings the education of Community Culture (as a special field of Andragogy) close to our profile, which is organised by our Faculty as well, and the Physical Education also belongs to our organisational units.

There is foreign language undergraduate, graduate and Ph.D. courses at the Faculty, and there are also English language programmes that attract considerable attention in foreign students. This is important aspect, still only a portion, of the vivid international relations of the Faculty, which are fruitfully realised, within the European Union and beyond, in American work-relations and research collaborations, primarily.

Professional achievements of the Faculty are made public in a great number of publications and, among other things, editorial boards of some professional journals function at the Faculty, too.

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