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The Dot cancellation test or Bourdon-Wiersma test is a commonly used performance test of combined visual perception and vigilance.[1][2]

The test has been used in the evaluation of stroke where subjects were instructed to cross out all groups of 4 dots on an A4 paper. The numbers of uncrossed groups of 4 dots, groups of dots other than 4 crossed, and the time spent (maximum, 15 minutes) were taken into account.[2] The Group-Bourdon test, a modification of the Bourdon-Wiersma, is one of a number of psychometric tests which trainee train drivers in the UK are required to pass.[3][4]


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Further readingEdit

Grewel, F (October 1953). The Bourdon-Wiersma test.. Folia psychiatrica, neurologica et neurochirurgica Neerlandica 56 (5): 694–703.

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