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List of diagnostic classification and rating scales used in psychiatry

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The following diagnostic systems and rating scales are used in psychiatry and clinical psychology.

Diagnostic ClassificationEdit

Diagnostic CriteriaEdit

Interview instruments using the above criteriaEdit

Rating ScalesEdit


For further information see ADHD

Autism SpectrumEdit

For further information see Autism Spectrum


For further information see Anxiety disorders

Dementia and Cognitive ImpairmentEdit

For more further information see Dementia


For further information see Dissociation (psychology)


For further information see Rating scales for depression

Eating DisordersEdit

For further information see Eating disorders

Mania and Bipolar DisorderEdit

For more further information see Mania and Bipolar Disorder

Personality and Personality DisordersEdit

For more further information see Personality and Personality Disorder

Schizophrenia and PsychosisEdit

For further information see Schizophrenia, Psychosis


Global ScalesEdit

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