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Derek Mowbray is visiting professor at Northumbria University.

He is remembered in the UK for producing the MAS Report, a national review of the profession, in 1989. This had a profound impact on the organisation of services and was quoted as one of the ten best pieces of research in psychology of that period.

He had founded the Management Advisory Service to the NHS in 1984


Management Advisory Service (1989) Review of Clinical Psychology Services; Activities and Possible Models MAS, Cheltenham. This report is now available to download as a pdf from the MAS website along with other papers by Derek Mowbray.

Feasibility Study into the role of Associate Psychologist (2003) MAS. Cheltenham.

Building Resilience - An Organisational Cultural Approach to Mental Health and Well-Being at Work: A Primary Prevention Programme in Employee Well-Being Support - A Workplace Resource. John Wiley and Sons 2008.

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