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It has been hypothesised that the experience of childhood sex abuse is a cause of adult depression. {{{author}}}, {{{title}}}, [[{{{publisher}}}|{{{publisher}}}]], [[{{{date}}}|{{{date}}}]]. .

It follows that data indicating inceased rates of such abuse in females, as opposed to males would go someway to explaining the increased risk of depression in women.

For example, Notman 91995 incorporating gender socialization experiences into a psychoanalytic model, hypothesized that early childhood sexual abuse is a relatively common occurence in the early development of girls and constitutes a major risk for later mood disorders. She cites that an estimated 37 % of all females experience sexual abuse by the age of 21 but does not give figures for boys

Studies comparing the rates of sexual abuse between the sexes: List needed

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Notman M T(1995) Reproductive and critical transitions in the lifespan of women patients with focus on menopause. Depression 3:99-106.

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