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David Canter is a psychologist who pioneered offender profiling in Britain. He was the Professor of Psychology at the University of Surrey for ten years, where he developed investigative psychology and a course curriculum.



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Canter, D. (1977) The Psychology of Place, St. Martin's Press, New York,

Book ChaptersEdit

  • Canter, D. (1995) Psychology of Offender Profiling. In R. Bull and D. Carson (eds.) Handbook of Psychology in Legal Contexts. Chapter 4.5, pp 343-335. Chichester: Wiley.
  • Brown, J, and Canter, D. (1985) The uses of explanation in the research interview. In: M.Brenner, J. Brown and D. Canter (eds) The Research Interview: Uses and Approaches, London: Academic



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  • Canter, D. and Kremer, M. The Pathology of Trauma. Psychological Autopsy.
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  • Canter, D., Hughes, D., and Kirby, S. (accepted for publication) Paedophilia: Pathology, Criminality, or Both? Developments in "Offender Profiling". Journal of Forensic Psychiatry.
  • Canter, D., Missen, C, and Hodge, S. (1997) Are Serial Killers Special? Policing Today
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  • Comber, M. and Canter, D. (1983) Differentiation of Malicious and Non-malicious Fire-Alarm Calls Using Multidimensional Scaling. Perceptual and Motor Skills, vol.57, pp 460-462.
  • Godwin, M. and Canter, D. (1997) Encounter and Death: The Spatial Behaviour of U.S. Serial Killers. Policing: International Journal of Police Strategy and Management, vol.20, pp 24-38.

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