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Daniel Schacter is Professor of Psychology at Harvard University. Schacter investigates issues related to human memory.

In The Seven Sins of Memory: How the Mind Forgets and Remembers, Schacter identifies seven ways ("sins") that memory can fail us. The seven sins are: Transience, Absent-mindedness, Blocking, Misattribution, Suggestibility, Persistence, and Bias. For a description of each, see the APA Monitor article on the seven sins of memory. [1]

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In addition to his books on memory, Schacter publishes regularly in scientific journals. Among the topics that Schacter has investigated are: Alzheimer's Disease, the neuroscience of memory, age-related memory effects, and issues related to false memory.

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  • Schacter, D The Seven Sins of Memory: How the Mind Forgets and Remembers
  • Schacter, D (1996) Searching for Memory: The Brain, the Mind, and the Past
  • Schacter, D (2001) Forgotten ideas, neglected pioners: Richard Semon and the story of memory.
  • Schacter, D (2001).The Seven Sins of Memory: How the Mind Forgets and Remembers

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