Daniel Katz (July 19, 1903, Trenton, New Jersey – February 28, 1998) was a psychologist, born in Trenton, New Jersey, USA. His academic career culminated at the University of Michigan (1947–74) though he was a professor at Princeton University's for a time. He produced classic studies of racial stereotyping and prejudice, and attitude change, and his pursuit of the connections between individual psychology and social systems helped to found the field of organizational psychology. An important methodological contribution was his open system theory, presented in The Social Psychology of Organizations (1966, later revised).

From 1947 he taught at the University of Michigan.

Publications Edit

  • Social Psychology, 1938 (co-authored with Richard L. Schanck)
  • The Social Psychology of Organizations, 1978 (co-authored with Robert L. Kahn)

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