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The true prevalence of the disorder is hard to determine. The DSM notes the sharp rise in reported cases and states that, "Some believe that the greater awareness of the diagnosis among mental health professionals has resulted in the identification of cases that were previously undiagnosed. In contrast, others believe that the syndrome has been overdiagnosed in individuals who are highly suggestive."[1] The DSM does not give a figure. Reports in the literature are often given by advocates for the condition and figures from psychiatric populations (inpatients and outpatients) show a wide diversity from different countries: India (0.015% per year[2]), Switzerland (0.05%-0.1%[3]), China (0.4%[4]), Germany (0.9%[5]), The Netherlands (2%[6]), U.S. (6%,[7] Approx., 6-8%,[8] 10%[9]), and Turkey (14%[10]). Figures from the general population show less diversity: China (0%[4]), Turkey (0.4% for a general sample[11] and 1.1% for a female sample[12]), and Canada (1%[13]).

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