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In the U.K. critical community psychology, although difficult to define, has come to encompass many of the following ideas as outlined by Guy Holmes[1]:

• Placing people in their social contexts, focusing analysis and interventions on the social causes of distress and correcting the individualistic bias in psychology

• Sharing ideas and valuing diversity of knowledge

• Learning from and working collaboratively alongside (rather than doing things to) others

• Analysing the impacts of power and disempowerment

• Questioning whose interests are served by various theories, policies and practices

• Focussing help on people in society who have been marginalised and oppressed

• Creating and nurturing self-supporting systems or communities

• Resisting oppression, silencing and social injustice

• Promoting social change

• Engaging in participatory and action research that takes its lead from others and encompasses qualitative methods (rather than research that tests theories devised by experts).

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  1. Holmes, G (2010) Psychology in the Real World: Community-based groupwork. PCCS Books.[1]

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