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Consulting Psychology Journal: Practice and Research is published by the Educational Publishing Foundation in collaboration with the Society of Consulting Psychology of the American Psychological Association (Division 13).
Consulting Psychology Journal: Practice and Research serves as a forum for anyone working in the area of consultation.
The journal publishes theoretical and conceptual articles, original research, and in-depth reviews with respect to consultation and its practice. The journal also publishes case studies demonstrating the application of innovative consultation methods and strategies on critical or often overlooked issues with unusual features that would be of general interest to other consultants.
Special issues have focused on such current topics as organizational change, executive coaching, and the consultant as an expert witness.

Further detailsEdit

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  • Publication frequency: Quarterly, beginning in March
  • Language: English

Full texts available onlineEdit

Volume 63 (2011)Edit

Volume 62 (2010)Edit

Volume 61 (2009)Edit

Volume 60 (2008)Edit

  • Wasylyshyn, K. M. (2008). Behind the door: Keeping business leaders focused on how they lead. Consulting Psychology Journal: Practice and Research, 60, 314-330. Full text

Volume 59 (2007)Edit

Volume 58 (2006)Edit

Volume 57 (2005)Edit

  • Morgeson, F. P., Mumford, T. V., & Campion, M. A. (2005). Coming full circle: Using research to address 27 questions about 360-degree feedback programs. Consulting Psychology Journal: Practice and Research, 57, 196-209. Full text

Volume 56 (2004)Edit

Volume 55 (2003)Edit

  • Kincaid, S. B. & Gordick, D. (2003). The return on investment of leadership development: Differentiating our discipline. Consulting Psychology Journal: Practice and Research, 55, 47-57. Full text

Volume 54 (2002)Edit

Volume 53 (2001)Edit

Volume 52 (2000)Edit

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