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Conflict analysis or conflict assessment is an initial stage of conflict resolution in which parties seek to gain a deeper understanding of the dynamics in their relationship.[1] For instance, in Darfur, conflict analysis of the Fur-Arab War in 1987 noted that:

from time immemorial, seasonal fluctuations in water and grazing land had led to conflict over natural resources in Darfur.[2]

Many schools, such as Eastern Mennonite University's Center for Justice and Peacebuilding, George Mason University, Nova Southeastern University, University of the Rockies, and Wayne State University have programs related to conflict analysis and resolution. There are also various subsets of conflict analysis such as environmental conflict analysis, which deal with specific types of disputes.[3] In certain occasions a conflict atlas is used to show graphically the analysis of the conflict.


Amsterdam Center for Conflict Studies (ACS)
Centre for International Conflict Analysis and Management (CICAM) (Nijmegen, Netherlands)

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