The Specialization degree consists of 60 credits (20 courses) in Psychology and as a more concentrated program is appropriate for someone with career plans in an area involving Psychology. It can prepare students for employment in such areas as those listed above for the Major but is recognized as a more intensive degree. Depending on the selection of courses the Specialization may also provide a background for graduate work such as a Master’s degree in counselling Psychology, or social work, or even in an MBA program.

The additional courses from the major degree is the additional statistics class (PSYC 316) and 4 additional elective psychology courses from the 300 level or 400 level (with permission of the department).

There is also the specialization degree in behavioural neuroscience where 4 courses are dedicated to neuroscience courses instead, along with requisite courses for 7 courses in science (i.e. chemistry and biology).

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