The Honours degree is the most intensive of all consisting of 66 credits (or 22 courses) of Concordia University Psychology and including two Honours seminars and an Honours thesis in the last year. At least partly because of these courses this program gives the best preparation for admission to graduate school. Admission to Honours is by application and normally occurs after a student’s first 30 credits (or 10 courses) have been completed with a GPA of 3.5. A new program "First-Class" Honours, instituted in fall 2001, allows a select group of students to enter the Honours program directly from CEGEP students only. Application requires a CRC of at least 28 and the completion of two brief statements of interest.

For those in the honours program or considering the honours program, please note that two courses (PSYC 311 and PSYC 430) require you to perform research projects. It is highly recommended that you join a research laboratory headed by a faculty member in the department as soon as possible while considering what they are researching. A list of the current faculty along with their research interests and contact info.

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