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CLASSIC FREUD PAPERS (Most of these papers can be found in Gay, P., ed., (1989) The Freud Reader, New York: W.W. Norton.

Breuer, J., Freud S. (1893-5) Case histories: Fraulein Anna O. in Studies on Hysteria,Standard Edition 2:21-47 (The invention of the “talking cure.”)

Freud, S. (1900) The method of interpreting dreams: An analysis of a specimen dream, in The Interpretation of Dreams, Standard Edition 4:96-121 (Freud’s self-analysis: the dream of Irma’s injection.)

Freud, S. (1900) Material sources of dreams-Typical dreams, in The Interpretation of Dreams, Standard Edition 4:255-266 (Freud introduces the Oedipus complex.)

Freud, S. (1905) Fragment of an analysis of a case of hysteria, Standard Edition7:1-22 (The case of Dora: transference and countertransference in the clinical situation.)

Freud, S. (1911-15) Papers on technique, Standard Edition 12: 89-171 (beginning treatment, interpreting dreams, the dynamics of transference,understanding enactment, and other topics.)

Freud, S. (1910) Five lectures on psychoanalysis, Standard Edition 11:1-55

Freud, S. (1916) Some character types met with in psychoanalytic work, Standard Edition 14:309-336 (Introduction to the concept of character types)

Freud, S. (1917) Mourning and melancholia, Standard Edition 14:237-258 (Introduction to the concepts of internalization and the super-ego.)

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