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From the website:
Cognitive Science publishes articles in all areas of cognitive science, covering such topics as knowledge representation, inference, memory processes, learning, problem solving, planning, perception, natural language understanding, connectionism, brain theory, motor control, intentional systems, and other areas of interdisciplinary concern. Highest priority is given to research reports that are specifically written for a multidisciplinary audience. The audience is primarily researchers in cognitive science and its associated fields, including anthropologists, education researchers, psychologists, philosophers, linguists, computer scientists, neuroscientists, and roboticists.
The following kinds of articles are appropriate for the journal: (a) theories or theoretical analyses of knowledge representation, cognitive processes, and brain theory; (b) experimental or ethnographic studies relevant to theoretical issues in cognitive science; (c) descriptions of intelligent programs that exhibit or model some human ability; (d) design proposals for cognitive models; (e) protocol or discourse analysis of human cognitive processing; (f) discussions of new problem areas or methodological issues in cognitive science; and (g) short theoretical notes or rebuttals. The journal will publish four categories of articles.

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  • Publication frequency: 8 times per year [3]
  • Language: English

Full texts available onlineEdit

Volume 35 (2011)Edit

Volume 34 (2010)Edit

Volume 33 (2009)Edit

Volume 32 (2008)Edit

  • Kam, X.N.C., Stoyneshka, I., Tornyova, L., Fodor, J.D., & Sakas, W.G. (2008). Bigrams and the richness of the stimulus. Cognitive Science, 32, 771-787. Full text

Volume 31 (2007)Edit

Volume 30 (2006)Edit

Volume 29 (2005)Edit

Volume 28 (2004)Edit

Volume 27 (2003)Edit

  • Pomplun, M., Reingold, E. M., & Shen, J. (2003). Area activation: A computational model of saccadic selectivity in visual search. Cognitive Science, 27, 299-312. Full text

Volume 26 (2002)Edit

Volume 25 (2001)Edit

Volume 24 (2000)Edit

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