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The Cognitive Computing Research Group (CCRG) is a multi-disciplinary research center located at the University of Memphis. The CCRG’s research revolves around the design and implementation of cognitive software agents, their computational applications, and their use in cognitive modeling. Until 2006, the Cognitive Computing Research Group was known as the Conscious Software Research Group (CSRG). The director is Stan Franklin.

Projects Edit

Projects include:

  • IDA, or Intelligent Distribution Agent for the U.S. Navy
  • LIDA, or Learning IDA, which adds various mode of human-like learning to the IDA architecture
  • CMattie, the first attempt to design and implement an intelligent agent under the framework of Bernard Baars' Global Workspace Theory
  • VMattie, or Virtual Mattie, which actively gathers information, composes announcements, and mails them to a continually updated list

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