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The Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT, CAT)is a K–12 assessment battery designed to measure the ability to reason with verbal, quantitative, and nonverbal (figural) symbols. The test is designed to give students the opportunity to display fluid intelligence in any of these three important symbol systems. Each symbol system is in turn assessed in three different ways, for a total of nine subtests. The types of reasoning assessed by the test include deductive reasoning, inductive reasoning, and analogical reasoning. Although designed to be a relatively "pure" measure of reasoning, the test does tap other skills such as working memory, basic vocabulary, and numeracy.

History Edit

Developed by Professor David F. Lohman at The University of Iowa College of Education and Elizabeth P. Hagen co-author of the Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scale.

Present use Edit

The Cognitive Abilities Test is administered to K–12 school children on a group basis and is primarily used to assess gifted and talented students. The test allows educators to measure the reasoning abilities of students in a format that is less dependent on prior knowledge and experience than standard school tasks. Because the test is a multilevel battery, it can also be used to chart cognitive growth over the school career.

The test is often used in conjunction with the Iowa Tests of Basic Skills.

The 7th form of the test is currently under development. The new edition will include a Spanish language form as well as two English language alternate forms. It will also focus on more accurate assessment of children in grades K-2.

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