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Dr. Moustakas is one of the leading experts on humanistic and clinical psychology. He helped establish the Association for Humanistic Psychology and the Journal for Humanistic Psychology. He is the author of numerous books and articles on humanistic psychology Humanistic Psychology , education and human science research. His most recent books: Phenomenological Research Methods; Heuristic Research; Existential Psychotherapy and the Interpretation of Dreams; Being-In, Being-For, Being-With and Relationship Play Therapy are valuable additions to research and clinical literature. His current focus at MiSPP is the integration of philosophy, research and psychology in the education and training of humanistic clinical psychologists.

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Clark Moustakas, Ed.D., Ph.D. Educational and Clinical Psychology, Columbia University, President Emeritus and Co-Founder, CHS now known as the Michigan School of Professional Psychology MiSPP [1]. Moustakas co-found CHS-MiSPP with Cereta Perry, Ph.D, Bruce Douglass, Ph.D, and Diane Blau, Ph.D. The school has both an M.A. and PsyD program in Clinical Psychology.

In 1949 Dr. Moustakas joined the faculty at the Merrill-Palmer Institute (MPI) in Detroit, MI [2]. In 1953 his wrote-completed his first book Children in Play Therapy. 1956 Publication of The Self as a result of the dialogues between Abraham Maslow, Carl Rogers, Clark Moustakas and others, forging the Humanistic Psychology movement. Meetings were held at 40 E. Ferry Ave. in Detroit, MI. The publication of Dr. Moustakas's book Loneliness in 1961 was released to public acclaim and becomes the basis of heuristic research. In 1962 Dr. Moustakas participate in the formation of the American Association of Humanistic Psychology and the creation of the Journal of Humanistic Psychology.

In 1980-1981 Clark Moustakas, Cereta Perry, Diane Blau and Bruce Douglas co-created the Center for Humanistic Studies CHS, establishing an independence from the Merrill Palmer Institute MPI and in 1984 received full accreditation from the NCA.

From 1990-1994 Moustakas published Heuristic Research: Design, Methodology and Applications and Phenomenological Research Methods. In 2004 Dr. Moustakas and his daughter Kerry published Loneliness, Creativity and Love: Awakening Meanings in Life.

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