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Chris Brewin is Professor of Clinical Psychologyin the Sub-Department of Clinical Health Psychology, at University College London.

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  • Antaki, C. & Brewin, C.R.(1982).(Eds.) Attributions and Psychological Change: Applications of attributional theories to clinical and educational practice. London: Academic Press.ISBN 0120587807
  • Brewin, C.R. (1988). Cognitive Foundations of Clinical Psychology. London & Hove: Lawrence Erlbaum. ISBN 0863770991
  • Brewin, C.R. (1988).(Ed.) Clinical Attribution Research. Special issue of the British Journal of Clinical Psychology, Vol. 27, Part 1.
  • Thornicroft, G., Brewin, C.R. & Wing, J.K. (1992). (Eds.)Measuring Mental Health Needs. London: Gaskell.ISBN 0902241516
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  • Power, M.J. & Brewin, C.R. (1997).(Eds.) The Transformation of Meaning in Psychological Therapies: Integrating theory and practice. Chichester: Wiley. ISBN 0471970050
  • Brewin, C.R. (2003). Post-traumatic stress disorder: Malady or myth? New Haven: Yale University Press. ISBN ISBN: 0300099843
  • Brewin, C.R. & Vasterling, J.J.(2005). Neuropsychology of PTSD. Guildford Press. ISBN 1593851731

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  • Andrews, B. & Brewin, C.R.(2000). (Eds.) What did Freud get right? The Psychologist, Vol. 13, no. 12.

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