Chocoholism is the state of being addicted to chocolate. A person who is addicted to chocolate is often referred to as a Chocoholic.

Chemistry of ChocolateEdit

Chocolate contains a variety of substances, some of which are addictive (such as caffeine). These include:

It may be possible for the human brain to become accustomed to chocolate at regular intervals.

Chocolate may be addictive and could impact the health of the chocoholic. Proponents of hypnotherapy claim that "chocoholism" can be treated through aversives, in effect forcing the addict to associate chocolate consumption with negative stimuli used to change behavior.

Origins of the word "Chocoholic"Edit

Etymologically, "chocoholic" derives directly from alcoholic, though some linguists complain that the word, by construction, implies addiction to "chocohol" rather than "chocolate", suggesting that chocolatic is a more appropriate neologism than chocoholic.

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