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Further detailsEdit

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Full texts available onlineEdit

Volume 80 (2009)Edit

Volume 79 (2008)Edit

Volume 78 (2007)Edit

Volume 77 (2006)Edit

Volume 76 (2005)Edit

Volume 75 (2004)Edit

Volume 74 (2003)Edit

  • Ellis, B.J., Bates, J.E., Dodge, K.A., Fergusson, D.M., Horwood, J.L., Pettit, G.S., & Woodward, L. (2003). Does father absence place daughters at special risk for early sexual activity and teenage pregnancy? Child Development, 74, 801-821. Full text

Volume 73 (2002)Edit

  • Caldwell, C. H., Zimmerman, M. A., Hilkene, D., Sellers, R. M., & Notaro, P. (2002). Racial identity, maternal support and psychological distress among African American adolescents. Child Development, 73, 1322-1336. Full text

Volume 72 (2001)Edit

Volume 71 (2000)Edit

  • Ellis, B.J., & Garber, J. (2000). Psychosocial antecedents of variation in girls' pubertal timing: Maternal depression, stepfather presence, and marital and family stress. Child Development, 71, 485-501. Full text

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