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Western Philosophy
20th-century philosophy
Name: Charlie Dunbar (C.D.) Broad
Birth: December 30, 1887
Death: March 11, 1971
School/tradition: Analytic philosophy
Main interests
Metaphysics, Ethics, Philosophy of the Mind, Logic
Notable ideas
John Locke, William Ernest Johnson, Alfred North Whitehead, G. E. Moore, Bertrand Russell |
A. J. Ayer

Charlie Dunbar Broad (known as C.D. Broad) (30 December, 1887 - 11 March, 1971) was an English epistemologist, historian of philosophy, philosopher of science, moral philosopher, and writer on the philsophical aspects of psychical research. He was known for his thorough and dispassionate examinations of all conceivable arguments in such works as The Mind and Its Place in Nature (1925), Scientific Thought (1930) and Examination of McTaggart's Philosophy (1933).


Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge 1911
Assistant Lecturer and Lecturer at St Andrews University: 1911-20
Professor at Bristol University: 1920-23
College Lecturer at Trinity College: 1923-
Lecturer in Moral Science at Cambridge University: 1926-31
President of the Aristotelian Society: 1927-1928; 1954-1955.
Sidgwick Lecturer at Cambridge University: 1931-33
Knightsbridge Professor of Moral Philosophy at Cambridge University: 1933-53
President of the Society of Psychical Research: 1935 & 1958.

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Books and Publications Edit

  • Perception, Physics, and Reality, London: Cambridge University Press, 1914.
  • The Mind and Its Place in Nature, London: Kegan Paul, 1925.
  • Ethics and the History of Philosophy, London: Routledge, 1952.

External ReferencesEdit

Philosophical Alternatives from C. D. Broad


  • Encyclopedia of Philosophy, 2nd Edition, Volume 1, Ed. by Donald M. Borchert, Farmington Hills, MI: MacMillian Reference, 2006.
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