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The Centre for Consciousness Operations (Hebrew המרכז למבצעי תודעה), abbreviated Malat (מל"ת) is an Israel Defense Forces IDF Operations Directorate unit which specializes in psychological warfare, established in between 2004 and 2005. The unit is headed by a senior Colonel and comprises Israeli Intelligence officers and civilian psychologists.

The unit was a product of several unsuccessful attempts to renew the psychological warfare front in the IDF. It is placed in an unusual position in the IDF hierarchy: subordinate to the head of the Operation Directorate, or "professionally guided," as the arrangement was officially titled by the head of Aman, which in effect means it is a body with greater autonomy than its predecessors.

A senior IDF officer has, however, criticized the new unit for being a "white elephant" and for wasting "time and resources [by attempting to] accompany every military operation with [its own] psychological warfare progarm." [1]

The Malat's most famous activity was the Malshinon Operation, which entailed the distribution of a massive number of pamphlets prompting Palestinians to call an IDF voicemail with warnings of imminent Qassam rocket launches.


  1. Yossi Shdemi and Barak Ravid, "The unit that will drive our enemies mad", Nrg (newsRG]], December 17, 2005 (Hebrew)
he:המרכז למבצעי תודעה
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