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ComputationalBrainAtlas Image CCB

Computational Brain Atlas

The Center for Computational Biology (CCB) is an NIH-funded center part of the National Centers for Biomedical Computing (NCBC). The CCB was established to develop, implement and test computational biology methods for modeling, representation, analysis and visualization of biological shape that are applicable across spatial scales and biological systems.

The Computational Brain Atlas is developed by the Center for Computational biology as part of the NCBC initiative. This atlas illustrates the potential of utilizing a broad integrated approach to translational science. The figure to the right shows how combining structural and functional neuroimaging data (e.g., MRI, Positron emission tomography), genetics data (e.g., racial, familial and spontaneous genetic mutations) and phenotypic data (e.g., age, race, cognition) helps generate an integral atlas framework that serves as a common space for representing biological information across modalities, scales and species.

Center for Computational Biology

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