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Aims of organisationEdit

The Center for Family Development, founded in 1995 specializes in the evaluation and treatment of adopted and foster families with trauma and attachment disorder. The Center for family Development has focused much of its efforts on helping adoptive and foster families. The needs of adoptive families are unique and very few professionals understand these families and their special problems. The Center for Family Development was founded by Dr. Arthur Becker-Weidman to provide answers to questions, solutions to problems, and the expert support necessary for families to thrive in these turbulent times.

Programs and ServicesEdit

Services begin after completing a thorough assessment. The Center's staff carefully evaluate the child and the family. The success rate is now over 95%. Success means that the child has developed the capacity to love and be loved and is functioning at least at about 80% of the level you'd expect for a child that age and that the parents and family are have developed the skills necessary to help their child.

Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy, an attachment-based therapy is an evidence-based treatment for children with Trauma-Attachment Disorders, Reactive Attachment Disorder, and other disorders of attachment that are complicated by severe trauma or histories of maltreatment is one of the primary treatment modalities used.

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Certifications & MembershipsEdit

  • Registered Clinical Organization with the Association for The Treatment and Training in the Attachment of Children.
  • Coalition of Adoption and Foster Family Agencies

All staff are certified Attachment-Focused Psychotherapists/Family Therapists and/or Certified Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapists.

The agency director, Dr. Arthur Becker-Weidman is a certified consultant and trainer for the Attachment-Focused Treatment Institute and the Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy Institute.

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