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Catheterization is the introduction of a catheter into the body. This may be for investigatory or interventional reasons.

Psychologists have researched a number of aspects in this area

Self catheterization

The self introduction of catheters may be necessary in the treatment of some disorders. Psychologists have been interested in the best ways of teaching this.

Main article: Self-catheterization

Stress of catheterization

Catheterization can be a stressful experience in both children and adults and psychologists have looked at ways of measuring this and of ameliorating its effects through psychological preperation

Main article: Stress of catheterization

Attitudes towards catheterization

Because of the stress involved psychologists have been interested in evaluating the attitudes of both staff and patients towards the procedure.

Main article: Attitudes of staff towards catheteization
Main article: Attitudes of patients towards catheterization

Catheterization of animals

Catheterization is reported in animals exploring the techniques used for experimental purposes but also as a stress model for the effects of catheterization in humans.

Main article: Catheterization in animals

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