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Accommodation reflex

Acoustic reflex Anal wink Ankle jerk reflex Asymmetrical tonic neck reflex Avoidance response Baroreflex Biceps stretch reflex Blushing Breath Caloric reflex test Corneal reflex Cough Cremasteric reflex Crossed extensor reflex Defensive vomiting Escape reflex

Gag reflex Galant reflex Glabellar reflex Goose bumps

H-reflex Hyperekplexia

Jaw jerk reflex

Knismesis and gargalesis

Maculoocular reflex Maculospinal reflex Mammalian diving reflex Moro reflex

Oculocephalic reflex

Patellar reflex Photic sneeze reflex Plantar reflex Post-micturition convulsion syndrome Primitive reflexes

Pupillary reflex R Reflex action Reflex arc S Scratch reflex Shivering Sneeze Swallowing Sweating T Tendon reflexTickling Tonic vibration reflex Tricep reflex Tubuloglomerular feedback V Vestibulo-ocular reflex Vomiting W Withdrawal reflex Y Yawn


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