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ADALINE ALOPEX Adaptive resonance theory Artificial neural network Artificial neuron

Backpropagation Biological neural network Boltzmann machine

Cascade correlation algorithm Cellular neural network Cerebellar Model Articulation Controller Committee machine Computational cybernetics Cortical column

Delta rule

Early stopping

Feed-forward Feedforward neural networks Fuzzy cellular neural networks

GSOM Growing neural gas

Memory-prediction framework Helmholtz machine Hybrid neural network

Instantaneously trained neural networks

LVQ Lernmatrix Linde-Buzo-Gray Algorithm Long short term memory

MLMTA MoneyBee Morphogenic network/Inspiration for morphogenic network

NETtalk (artificial neural network) Neural Information Processing Systems Neural gas Neurally controlled animat

Optical neural network Pulse-coupled networks

Quantum neural network

Radial basis function Radial basis function network Random neural network

Self-organizing map Semantic neural network Sigmoid function Spiking neural network Stochastic neural network

Tensor product network



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