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Cary Cooper is Professor of Organisational Psychology and Health at Lancaster University, England

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  • Argyris C, Starbuck WH and Cooper CL, 2004, The Blackwell Encyclopaedia of Management, Blackwell, Oxford, ISBN: 0-6312-3317-2
  • Cooper CL, 2004, Leadership and Management in the 21st Century: Business Challenges of the Future, Oxford University Press, Oxford, ISBN: 0-19-926336-1
  • Dewe P and Cooper CL, 2004, Stress: A Brief History, Blackwell, Oxford, ISBN: 1405107456
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  • Cooper CL, Robertson IT, Silvester J, Burnes B, Patterson F and Arnold J, 2004, Work Psychology: Understanding Human Behaviour in the Workplace, Financial Times Prentice Hall, ISBN: 0-273-65544-2
  • Cooper CL and Clarke S, 2003, Managing the Safety Risk of Workplace Stress, Routledge, London and New York, ISBN: 0-415-29709-5

Book ChaptersEdit

  • Cooper CL, , 'Stress and the changing nature of work', in Creating the Productive Workplace, (eds) Clements-Croome D, Spon Press, Abingdon, ISBN: B0000C11WB
  • Cooper CL and Cartwright S, , 'Stress reduction: the role of individually targeted interventions', in Handbook of Work Stress, (eds) Barling J, Kelloway EK and Frone MR, Sage, London, ISBN: 0-7619-2949-5
  • Cooper CL and Quick JC, , 'Executives: engines for positive stress', in Emotional and Physiological Processes and Positive Intervention Strategies, (eds) Ganster DC and Perrewe PL, JAI, London, ISBN: 076231057X


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  • 'Toward the Development of Social Skills: An Experience in the UK Restaurant

Industry'. Interpersonal Development, 1972,2 (1),50-60 (With Dr. H. Oddie).

  • , An Attempt to Assess the Psychologically Disturbing Effects of T -Group Training'.

British Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology, 1972, 11 I 342-345.

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