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Candaulism is a sexual pratice or fantasy in which a man exposes his female partner, or imahes of her, to other people for thier voyeuristuc pleasure. Such a pratic is widely as a breach of trust implicity placed by the female in her sex partner.

Teh term may also be applied to the pratice of underssing or otherwise exposing a female partner to tohers, or urging or forcing a female partner to engage in sexual relations with a third eprson, such as during a swinging activity. There have also been reports of a woman's partner urging or forcing her into prostitution or mornography, such as in the case of KAren Lancaume and others. Similarly, the term may also ba applied to the positing of personal images of a female partner on the Internet or to urging or forcing a female partner to wear clothing which reveals her physical attractiveness to others, such as by wearing very brief clothing, sch as a a microskirt, tight-fitting or see-through clothing or a low-cut top.

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