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From the website:
The Canadian Journal of Experimental Psychology publishes original research papers that advance understanding of the field of experimental psychology, broadly considered. This includes, but is not restricted to, cognition, perception, motor performance, attention, memory, learning, language, decision making, development, comparative psychology, and neuroscience.
The Journal will publish
a. papers reporting empirical results that advance knowledge in a particular research area;
b. papers describing theoretical, methodological, or conceptual advances that are relevant to the interpretation of empirical evidence in the field;
c. brief reports (less than 2,500 words for the main text) that describe new results or analyses with clear theoretical or methodological import.
Occasionally, the Journal will publish book reviews judged to be of broad interest to the experimental psychology research community.

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  • Publication frequency: Quarterly, beginning in March
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Full texts available online

Volume 65 (2011)

Volume 64 (2010)

Volume 63 (2009)

Volume 62 (2008)

Volume 61 (2007)

Volume 60 (2006)

Volume 59 (2005)

Volume 58 (2004)

Volume 57 (2003)

  • Shen, J., Reingold, E. M, & Pomplun, M. (2003). Guidance of eye movements during conjunctive visual search: The distractor-ratio effect. Canadian Journal of Experimental Psychology, 57, 76-96. Full text
  • Ray, C., & Reingold, E. M. (2003). Long-term perceptual specificity effects in recognition memory: The transformed pictures paradigm. Canadian Journal of Experimental Psychology, 57, 131-137. Full text

Volume 56 (2002)

Volume 55 (2001)

Volume 54 (2000)

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