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The COGIATI (COmbined Gender Identity And Transsexuality Inventory) is an objective test developed by webcomic author Jennifer Diane Reitz, a transsexual woman who designed it "specifically for the uncertain pre-transitional Male-to-Female gender dysphoric".


Reitz claims the test was developed using three existing tests: the Bem Sex Role Inventory, the MMPI, and the Moir-Jessel Brain Sex Test. The test, according to Reitz, should not be taken seriously, should be considered a prototype, and is additionally geared towards a very specific group. Reitz further claims that the question sample was chosen based on current neurological research.

The COGIATI test should never be considered as a 'self-diagnosis' tool for transsexuality - it works on a number of stereotyped behaviours, cultural and social conditions, and does not employ the depth of detail required to make a fully reliable assessment of such issues. A specialist psychiatrist should always be considered to assist in assessing gender dysphoria conditions.

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