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Cecil Alec Mace (1894 – 1971) was a British philosopher and psychologist.

He discredited the notion that workers are primarily incentivized by money. He also stated that people have a "will to work." In 1935, he conducted the first empirical studies of goal setting.[1]


In 1952 he was elected President of the BPS

Publications Edit

Sibylla; or, the Revival of Prophecy. 1926

A Manual of Psychology 1929

The Principles of Logic. An introductory survey. 1933

Supernormal Faculty and the Structure of the Mind. 1937

Current Trends in British Psychology. Edited by C. A. Mace and P. E. Vernon. 1953

The Psychological Approach to Scientific Management - can this be applied in the home? 1954

British Philosophy in the Mid-Century. A Cambridge symposium. Edited by C. A. Mace. 1957

Selected papers. 1973.

  • Mace, Cecil Alec (1932). The psychology of study, London: Methuen & Co. Ltd..

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