Nerve: Buccal nerve
Sensory areas of the head, showing the general distribution of the three divisions of the fifth nerve. (Buccal nerve labeled at center left.)
Mandibular division of the trifacial nerve.
Latin nervus buccalis
Gray's subject #200 895
Innervates lateral pterygoid muscle, cheek
From mandibular nerve
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A branch of the mandibular nerve (which is itself a branch of the trigeminal nerve), the buccal nerve transmits sensory information from skin over the buccal membrane (in general, the cheek) and from the second and third molar teeth.

It courses between the two heads of the lateral pterygoid muscle, underneath the tendon of the temporalis muscle, and then under the masseter muscle to connect with the buccal branches of the facial nerve on the surface of the buccinator muscle.

Small branches of the buccal nerve innervate the lateral pterygoid muscle.

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