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British Journal of Social Psychology is a journal published by the British Psychological Society (BPS). It publishes original papers on subjects like social cognition, attitudes, group processes, social influence, intergroup relations, self and identity, nonverbal communication, and social psychological aspects of affect and emotion, and of language and discourse.

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Full texts available onlineEdit

Volume 48 (2009)Edit

Volume 47 (2008)Edit

Volume 46 (2007)Edit

Volume 45 (2006)Edit

Volume 44 (2005)Edit

Volume 43 (2004)Edit

Volume 42 (2003)Edit

Volume 41 (2002)Edit

  • Lalonde, R. N. (2002). Testing the social identity-intergroup differentiation hypothesis: We’re not American eh! British Journal of Social Psychology, 41, 611-630. Full text

Volume 40 (2001)Edit

  • Cameron, J. E. & Lalonde, R. N. (2001). Social identification and gender-related ideology in women and men. British Journal of Social Psychology, 40, 59-77. Full text

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