Dr. Brent Donald Slife is an internationally renowned psychologist, known for his laudible efforts in the areas of the theory and philosophy of psychology. In fact, he and another notable theoretical psychologist, Richard N. Williams, wrote a seminal article in the American Psychological Association's American Psychologist on recognizing the necessary role of theoretical psychologists in psychology.

Dr. Slife is currently a Professor of Psychology at Brigham Young University. There, he chairs the Theoretical and Philosophical Psychology doctoral program, one of very few of its kind in the world. He also serves as a member of the Clinical Psychology doctoral program, periodically providing clinical supervision to doctoral students in that program. Dr. Slife has been recognized with several honors both for his scholarship and his teaching, including the Eliza R. Snow Award (for research on the interface of science and religion), the Karl G. Maeser Award (Top Researcher at BYU), the Circle of Honor Award (Student Honor Association) and both "Teacher of the Year" by Brigham Young University and "Most Outstanding Professor" by the honor society for psychology, Psi Chi.

Dr. Slife moved to Brigham Young University from Baylor University. For many years, Dr. Slife served as the Director of Clinical Training at Baylor University. He was recognized with the honors of "Outstanding Research Professor" as well as with the "Circle of Achievement" award for his teaching at Baylor University. Dr. Slife has received a number of grants (e.g., NSF, NEH) and is is also listed in Who's Who in the World, America, Science and Engineering, and Health and Medicine. Dr. Slife is a Fellow in several professional organizations, including the American Psychological Association. Dr. Slife also recently served as the President of the Society of Theoretical and Philosophical Psychology (Division 24 of the American Psychological Association). He serves on the editorial boards of five journals: The Humanistic Psychologist, Journal of Mind and Behavior, Journal of Theoretical and Philosophical Psychology, Qualitative Research in Psychology, and International Journal of Existential Psychology and Psychotherapy.

Dr. Slife has authored more than 120 professional articles and books, including Taking Sides: Clashing Views on Psychological Issues (2006, McGraw-Hill), Critical Thinking About Psychology: Hidden Assumptions and Plausible Alternatives (2005, APA Books), Critical Issues in Psychotherapy: Translating New Ideas into Practice (2001, Sage Publications), What's Behind the Research? Hidden Assumptions in the Behavioral Sciences (1995, Sage Publications). Dr. Slife also continues his psychotherapy practice of over 20 years, where he specializes in marital and family therapies.

Dr. Slife was the student of another noted psychologist, Joseph Rychlak, who was himself the student of another noted psychologist, George Kelly (psychologist).

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