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Boicho Kokinov received his PhD at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia. He is currently an Associate Professor in Cognitive Science and Computer Science at the New Bulgarian University and the Director of the Central and East European Center for Cognitive Science.

He has been the main organizer of the series of the Annual Summer Schools in Cognitive Science ([1]) since 1994.

Research interests Edit

His research interests include understanding human thinking and memory: analogy-making, problem solving, decision-making, judgment, context, constructive memory, memory distortions, blending of episodes. He has developed the DUAL Cognitive Architecture and a number of models based on it: AMBR (a model of analogy-making and memory) together with Alexander Petrov and Maurice Grinberg; JUDGEMAP (a model of judgment) together with Georgi Petkov.

Publications Edit

  • Kokinov, B. ed. (2005). Advances in Cognitive Economics. Sofia: NBU Press.
  • Dey, A., Kokinov, B., Leake, D., Turner, R. eds. (2005). Modeling and Using Context. Lecture Notes in AI, vol. 3554, Berlin: Springer Verlag.
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