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Programme YEAR 1


Core reading (library ref is given in brackets, with location if not the main library)

Birren JE and Schaie KW (Eds) (1990) `Handbook of the Psychology of Ageing', Third edition, Reinhold, New York, (BF724.8)

Blakemore K and Boneham M (1994) `Age, race and ethnicity', OU Press (HV1481.G7 or Barnes RC952.5)

Knight B (1996) (2nd edition) `Psychotherapy with older adults', Sage, London (Cont. studies 618.97 689)*

Knight B (1992) `Case studies in psychotherapy with older adults', Sage, London (BF 173)

Laidlaw K, Thompson L, Dick-Siskin L. and Gallagher-Thompson D. (2003) `Cognitive behaviour therapy with older people.' Wiley. Not yet in library.

Meisen BML (1999) `Dementia in close-up', Routledge. (not yet in library)

Neidhardt E and Allen J (1993) `Family therapy with the elderly' Sage, London (HQ 728)

Nolan M, Grant G and Keadie J (1996) `Understanding family care', OU Press (HV 1451)

Stroebe M, Hansson R , Stroebe N and Schut H (2001) `Handbook of bereavement research' Cambridge University press (BF 575.G7/H)

Woods RT (Ed) (1996) `Clinical Psychology of Ageing', Wiley and sons (BF 724.8)**

Woods RT (Ed) (1999) `Psychological problems of Ageing', Wiley and sons (Selly Oak campus: 618.97689/WOO)

Worden W (1991) `Grief counselling and grief therapy' Routledge. (BF 575. G7) Zarit SH and Knight B (Eds) (1996) `A guide to psychotherapy and aging' American Psychological Association.

  • **

If you only read one book read this one If you only buy one book buy this one.

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