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Neurological assessment Acquired brain injury

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Programme YEAR 1


Neuropsychologv Teaching Course OverviewEdit

Apart from two days on neuropsychology in Year 1 (covering neuropsychological assessment and child neuropsychology), the teaching for this course takes place mainly in Year 2.

The course begins with an introduction, consisting of the role of the neuropsychologist in different settings and familiarisation with common neuropsychological tests. In the second year it covers the neurology and neuropsychology neuropsychiatry of the most common conditions. There is also a basic introduction to neuro-imaging techniques. It culminates in workshops on rehabilitation of acquired brain injury and therapeutic interventions for people with problems adjusting to brain injury.

The syllabus for this course was set through a meeting with the West Midlands Neuropsychology Special Interest Group. The course is taught by several local clinical psychologists as well as a rehabilitation consultant, a neuropsychiatrist and a speech therapist. Sessions are delivered through a mixture of large group discussions, videos, case examples and formal lectures.

Topics covered:

  • Role of the neuropsychologist across the age span and in all settings
  • Child Neuropsychological Assessment
  • Adult Neuropsychological Assessment: Familiarisation with test materials and implementation
  • Functional anatomy
  • Neuro-imaging
  • Neuropsychiatry of degenerative conditions
  • Neuropsychology of degenerative conditions
  • Neuropsychological impairments
  • Communication disorders
  • Neurology of acquired brain injury
  • Assessment and treatment of emotional problems in children with neurological disorders

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