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Biological psychology: Evolutionary psychology

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Introduction to evolutionary clinical psychology
Evolutionary psychoanalysis
Hunter vs. farmer theory
Introduction to evolutionary cognitive psychology [1] [2]
Introduction to evolutionary cultural psychology
Introduction to evolutionary developmental psychology
Introduction to evolutionary educational psychology
Introduction to evolutionary personality psychology
Introduction to evolutionary social psychology

See also

Evolution of intelligence
Evolution and mental health
Language: History and evolution of speech and language
Life-history theory
Parental investment
Parent-offspring conflict
Psychological adaptation
Reciprocal altruism
Standard social science model

Other fields of study in evolution and human behavior:

Human behavioral ecology
Dual inheritance theory

References & Bibliography

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  • Toates, F.(2005).Evolutionary Psychology – Towards a More Integrative Model.

Biology and Philosophy, Volume 20, Numbers 2-3,305-328

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Evolutionary psychology: Academic support materials - Instructions_for_archiving_academic_and_professional_materials

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