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Biopsychology is the approach of explaining human behaviour as a result of biological mechanisms. It can include genetic, hormonal, and neurotransmitter approaches, as well as the physiology of the human brain.

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Key texts – BooksEdit

  • Rosenzweig,M.R., Breedlove,S.M. and Neil V.. Watson, N.V.(2004). Biological Psychology.Sinauer Associates Inc.,U.S. ISBN 0878937544

Additional material – BooksEdit

  • Kalat (2006). Cram101 Textbook Outlines to accompany: Biological Psychology by 8th Edition. ISBN 142880210X
  • Toates,F. and Stein, S.(2003) Biological Psychology: an Integrative Approach" with "Psychology on the Web: A Student Guide" (Paperback) ISBN 0582821282

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